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Art Lovers. People who are interested in art. People who respect art. People who want to invest in art but are not that rich. Artex has good news for you.

Artex launches its platform where art lovers and artists come together on binance smart chain network. It is now easy to support and invest in art here.

We believe in a world where not only the lucky and privileged people but every person can also invest in first-class artworks.

Michelangelo’s paintings, Mozart’s compositions, Gaudi’s architecture…. How do we know these people who lived hundreds of years ago? Yes, the answer…

Artex is the first blockchain-based art investment platform, and as such, it is imperative for us to have our own NFTs. We decided to make our NFTs together with NFTrade, because they are the best for our needs. They have set up a NFT farm for us, through which holders will be able to stake their tokens in order to earn limited, collectible, and utility-integrated NFTs specifically oriented towards the Artex Platform.

We have created these NFTs with the idea of using them more as a utility token than a purely collectible NFT. As a result, they offer numerous benefits…

The community is growing faster than we expected. We are excited to see all of you very soon. To be honest this is the main reason to choose launching our project on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is one of the most popular ecosystem that helps to grow fast with millions of users. While our developer teams have already started to build a bridge to other ecosystems to reach all art lovers in the world, you can read this article about why we launched our project on Binance Smart Chain.

While crypto world is growing day by day like…


Artex is, world's first and only blockchain based art investment platform that you can easily trade and manage your fine art investments anytime

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