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2 min readMay 11, 2021


Art Lovers. People who are interested in art. People who respect art. People who want to invest in art but are not that rich. Artex has good news for you.

Artex launches its platform where art lovers and artists come together on binance smart chain network. It is now easy to support and invest in art here.

We believe in a world where not only the lucky and privileged people but every person can also invest in first-class artworks.

Michelangelo’s paintings, Mozart’s compositions, Gaudi’s architecture…. How do we know these people who lived hundreds of years ago? Yes, the answer is correct. Because of their artwork… Ok, we would like to ask one more question. What is an artwork? Artwork is the method of sharing her thoughts with people. People protect their thoughts. But there is something wrong here! Why do these artworks have a small minority when we should all have them? There is something wrong right?

Artex offers you the opportunity to invest in first-class artworks with the platform it launched. How does? Let’s go into a little detail.

Requests by artists, art galleries, and collectors to list first-class works of art are evaluated by an independent commission through the platform. Members of this commission are artist academics from various universities around the world and leading curators of the art community. The financial value of the work is determined as a result of the evaluations of the commission. The work insured at this value is tokenized on the blockchain according to its insured value and becomes ready to be listed on our platform for pre-sale.

For instance, suppose the Independent Review Commission assessed 100.000$ to an artwork to be exhibited. This number of works is tokenized and offered for sale with a total supply of 100.000 at a cost of $1. As the value of tokens increases as a result of the supply and demand balance, the value of the artwork also increases. In response to the decrease in the value of the tokens, price balancing is achieved with the auction to be held every year.

Artex aims to support artists as well as its investors. As the exhibited works can be under the auspices of Artex, the artists will also be able to put their works for sale on the platform. Tokenization will be the same for both.

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